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Orthodontic Treatment Systems

Pediatric Treatment

Children with inherited mismatched jaws or tooth size discrepancies (crowding or spacing) benefit from an initial orthodontic evaluation by age seven. These orthodontic problems, left untreated, often lead to compromised dental health, self-image problems and possible life-long facial deformities. It is often critical to correct the orthodontic problems by reshaping a child’s face and smile during the pediatric years. Dr. Peter T. Bronsky is uniquely qualified by training as an orthodontist and researcher in facial growth and development to evaluate orthodontic problems in children.
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Adolescent Treatment

The orthodontist and the adolescent patient are faced with a significant challenge — creating a healthy “bite” and an attractive smile without the benefit of jaw growth. Since most facial development, tooth position, and jaw growth are complete by the adolescent years, orthodontic problems that exist at this age will not improve by themselves and often become more severe over time. Dr. Bronsky personally designs the treatment methods including all customized fixed and removable appliances, most of which are fabricated in our state-of-the-art orthodontic laboratory.
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Adult Treatment

The concerns motivating an adult to seek orthodontic treatment are complex and varied. Most adults want the attractive smile they missed by not having orthodontics when they were younger. As importantly, many adults seek orthodontic care because they are concerned about their dental health. A “bad bite” may compromise long-term dental health by resulting in abnormal wear of tooth surfaces and damage to supporting bone and gum tissue. Bite problems can also result in difficulty when eating, including pain when chewing.
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