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When to Have an Orthodontic Exam

It is important that children have an orthodontic screening evaluation as part of their overall pediatric health care. This allows for assessment of facial and jaw growth, tooth eruption and ‘bite’ development during these critical formative years.

Age 2: First Visit to the Dentist

In the past, parents thought that a child’s first trip to the family dentist coincided with the beginning of kindergarten or first grade. Today, however, the American Dental Association recommends the first visit at age 2, when most children’s baby teeth have erupted.

There are many good reasons to start at an early age. When your child is introduced to the family dentist early, the youngster becomes comfortable with the doctor and is guided to a lifelong habit of proper dental hygiene and maintenance that results in better oral health.

Age 7: First Visit to the Orthodontist

A timely visit to an orthodontist makes just as good sense. Why? While parents can recognize certain obvious problems, there are many problems that are unrecognizable to the untrained eye. It is often difficult for even the orthodontist to discover certain facial, jaw, and tooth eruption problems without a detailed evaluation. This timely evaluation and treatment can reduce the severity of the problems, redirect growth of the jaws and the face, and put the growth back on the right track.

At what age should a child first see the orthodontist? If you see an obvious problem, bring the child in at any age. Even though you may see no problem, it is still important for your child to have an orthodontic screening around the are of 7. If you are uncertain about your child’s need for treatment, contact our office.