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Adult Orthodontics

The concerns motivating an adult to seek orthodontic treatment are complex and varied. Most adults want the attractive smile they missed by not having orthodontics when they were younger. As importantly, many adults seek orthodontic care because they are concerned about their dental health.

The Problems

An adult can have one or more of the following orthodontic problems:
1. “bad bite”
2. crowding, poorly-spaced or protruding teeth
3. a jaw discrepancy (Severe jaw discrepancies are usually treated by a combination of orthodontic therapy and jaw surgery)

A “bad bite” may compromise long-term dental health by resulting in abnormal wear of tooth surfaces and damage to supporting bone and gum tissue. Bite problems can also result in difficulty when eating, including pain when chewing.

Crowding and/or poorly spaced teeth can lead to excessive accumulation of plaque, often resulting in tooth decay as well as gingivitis and the possible loss of supporting bone around teeth. Therefore, a “bad bite” and crowding/spacing problems may contribute to premature tooth loss and compromise long-term dental health. A cosmetically unattractive smile, due to crowded, poorly spaced or protruding teeth can also destroy self-confidence.

These orthodontic problems are amenable to correction by the Bronsky Orthodontics Esthetic Adult Orthodontic Treatment System.

The Treatment System

These orthodontic problems are amenable to correction by the Bronsky Orthodontics Esthetic Adult Treatment System, or BEATS Braces, uses custom designed and fabricated clear aligners that may be combined with miniature clear brackets as needed to achieve individual treatment objectives. >> Read more about BEATS Braces

Demographic research shows that Bronsky Orthodontics’ fees are comparable to, and often lower than, other orthodontic offices in the region.

We are delighted that many referring dentists have complimented us by commenting that our patients finish with “natural smiles and healthier bites”. An independent analysis of our Patient Post-treatment Surveys revealed that 99% of our patients are happy with their results and will strongly recommend us to family and friends.