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Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment System

Individual Problems Call for Unique Solutions

“Do you think that I will need a retainer or braces?”

Every patient at Bronsky Orthodontics undergoes a thorough evaluation to determine their orthodontic problems (diagnosis) followed by formulation of treatment objectives. An individualized treatment plan is then developed by Dr. Bronsky. The ultimate decision related to the appropriate treatment methods is made at a meeting (consultation) based on the recommendation of Dr. Bronsky with input from the parents and patients.

Dr. Bronsky personally designs the treatment methods including all customized fixed and removable appliances, most of which are fabricated in our state-of-the-art orthodontic laboratory.

The Problem

The orthodontist and the adolescent patient are faced with a significant challenge — creating a healthy “bite” and an attractive smile without the benefit of jaw growth. Since most facial development, tooth position, and jaw growth are complete by the adolescent years, orthodontic problems that exist at this age will not improve by themselves and often become more severe over time.

A teenager can have one or more of the following orthodontic problems:
1. “bad bite”
2. crowding, poorly-spaced or protruding teeth
3. jaws that are mismatched in size, shape or position

A “bad bite” may compromise long-term dental health by resulting in abnormal wear of tooth surfaces and damage to supporting bone and gum tissue. Bite problems can also result in difficulty when eating, including pain when chewing..

Crowding and/or poorly spaced teeth can lead to excessive accumulation of plaque, often resulting in tooth decay and gum disease. In certain instances, severe protrusion increases the likelihood of fracturing the upper front teeth.

A cosmetically unattractive smile, due to crowded, poorly spaced or protruding teeth, is a burden to a teenager during the socialization period, often leading to self-image problems.

These orthodontic problems are amenable to correction by the Bronsky Orthodontic Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment System.

The Bronsky Orthodontics Adolescent Treatment System

In this age of uniformity, it has become common for teenagers to receive similar pre-designed “braces” and wires that result in “cookie-cutter-type” smiles. Bronsky Orthodontics rejects this standardized approach by creating a customized treatment system for each adolescent. Discerning parents are determined that their child will have a natural smile. We design the smile to fit the face.

The Bronsky Orthodontics Esthetics Adolescent Treatment System utilizes miniature tooth-colored brackets. Bronsky Orthodontics’ use of space-age technology has advanced our orthodontic treatment immeasurably. For example, our arch wires are a byproduct of the space shuttle program. They exert light, continuous pressure on the teeth, resulting in minimal discomfort.

Teeth are repositioned to best fit the form of the teenager’s mouth. We improve the position of the upper front teeth to provide optimal lip support, and to create the most ideal smile. We are convinced that the individually designed natural smile that we create for each adolescent provides an extra degree of self-confidence.

Dr. Bronsky has received international recognition for his orthodontic innovations that combine the best of the American and Australian techniques into our Treatment System.

Demographic research shows that Bronsky Orthodontics’ fees are comparable to, and often lower than, other orthodontic offices in the region.

We are delighted that many parents and referring dentists have complimented us by commenting that our teenage patients finish with “very natural smiles that fit each youngster’s face”. An independent analysis of our Patient Post-treatment Surveys revealed that 99% of our families are happy with their teenager’s “new look”, and will strongly recommend us to family and friends.