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Using Research and Technology

State-of-the-art technology is an essential feature of Dr. Bronsky’s practice. By working closely with computer software experts he has customized a cutting-edge program for the use of digital x-rays and photographs for the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic problems in children and adults. By using digital x-rays instead of the traditional film-based types our patients enjoy a 90% reduction in radiation exposure. Another of many significant benefits of this innovative program is improved jaw measurements and diagnosis. This leads to improved monitoring of facial growth in our pediatric orthodontic patients which allows Dr. Bronsky to apply the right approach to jaw modification at the right time. Dr. Bronsky also uses this program as a teaching aid for patient families during consultations and for tracking treatment progress.

In our office Dr. Bronsky has designed and built an on-site, full-service orthodontic laboratory, the only one in the greater Binghamton area. This high-tech facility allows fabrication of custom-made precisely measured orthodontic appliances that are uniquely designed by Dr. Bronsky and fabricated right on premises to fit the unique orthodontic needs of every patient (note that this even allows us to put the logo of your favorite sports team on your appliance).

All Bronsky Orthodontics Treatment Systems utilize another space-age technology: heat-activated titanium wires. These wires have a shape memory which is activated by the heat of a patient’s mouth (room temperature 68 degrees to body temperature 98 degrees) so that the teeth are moved more gently and efficiently with minimal discomfort over longer periods of time. This not only means that the discomfort sometimes associated with orthodontic treatment is greatly reduced but also that the patient needs adjustment of their orthodontic appliances less often to achieve the desired result.