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Common Questions about Adult Orthodontics

Can I get Invisalign?

There are a number of esthetic orthodontic treatment options available. Dr. Bronsky has developed a unique Esthetic Adult Treatment System called BEATS Braces (Bronsky Esthetic Adult Treatment System). This system uses custom designed and fabricated clear aligners that may be combined with miniature clear brackets as needed to achieve individual treatment objectives. This exciting new system is the next generation of invisible orthodontics. >> Read more about BEATS Braces

Am I too old to get my teeth straightened?

The answer is No.

Teeth can be “straightened” in adults at any age as long as the bone and gum tissue around the teeth are healthy.

What are the health benefits of orthodontic treatment?

“Straightening” crowded teeth will make it easier for you to “clean” (remove plaque) around your teeth. The better you are able to “clean” your teeth, the less likely you will be to get “cavities” and gum disease.

Improving your bite will decrease the likelihood of your teeth “wearing down” from contact between the upper and lower teeth when you chew and “bite down”. It will also decrease the long-term stress on the bone and gum tissue around your teeth, which could otherwise lead to gum recession and bone loss.

Can I have my teeth “straightened” even though I have already lost bone around them?

You can have your teeth “straightened” as long as the bone and gum tissue around your teeth is NOW healthy. We recommend you have your teeth cleaned and checked more often than usual during orthodontic treatment to keep the bone and gum tissue healthy.

Do you think I will feel “out of place” with all those children at the orthodontist’s office?

About 15 – 20 % of Dr. Bronsky’s patients today are adults, with the number of adults seeking his care increasing each year, so you won’t be the only adult patient at the office.

Ask us for a private room for your appointment if it will make you feel more comfortable.

How long do you think my treatment will last?

Treatment length depends on the severity of the problem and treatment objectives. However, due to significant technological advances, treatment time has been shortened while patient comfort and esthetics have been improved.

As a courtesy to our community Dr. Bronsky preforms complimentary initial screening evaluations for adults.