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Your First Visit

At Bronsky Orthodontics, as a service to our community, there is
no fee for the initial orthodontic screening appointment for children, adolescents, and adults.

At the first visit, the patient will be examined by Dr. Bronsky. He will review the health history, take a set of diagnostic photographs, and make a initial evaluation of the orthodontic problems.

If the problems warrant further assessment, Dr. Bronsky will recommend an in-depth analysis utilizing x-rays and study models. This will require two subsequent visits. One visit to take all necessary diagnostic records, including impressions for orthodontic study models, and all necessary x-rays.

The second visit is a consultation visit with Dr. Bronsky. It includes a review of all records and an analysis of the orthodontic problems. The ultimate descision related to the appropriate treatment methods is based on the recommendation of Dr. Bronsky with input from the parents and patients. For this reason, we encourage both the parents and child to participate in the consultation.

Dr. Bronsky and our staff look forward to the pleasure of meeting you and your family.

If diagnostic records and consultation appointments are necessary, fees for these services will be discussed in detail by our patient care coordinators prior to scheduling.